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$7 Cheese Sticks
Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks served with marinara sauce

$7 Fried Mushrooms
Breaded, deep-fried mushrooms served with buttermilk ranch

$7 Fried Zucchini
Deep-fried, served with buttermilk ranch

$7 Onion Rings
Battered, deep-fried and served with buttermilk ranch.

Tater Skins
Homemade skins topped with cheese, bacon, scallions and fresh grilled jalapenos served with a side of sour cream.

$8 Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
Stuffed with sausage and cream cheese then grilled.

$8 Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos
Stuffed with sausage and cream cheese then grilled.

$8 Cheeseburger Sliders
3 sliders topped with grilled onions, cheese and jalapeno mayo

$8 Southwest Eggrolls
Served with a choice of regular or spicy ranch dressing.

$8 Taco Plate
Three tacos, made with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and your choice of chicken or beef. Substitue Steak $2

$9 Chicken Strips
Four lightly battered and fried chicken strips served with fries, ketchup and choice of barbeque or rench dressing.

$9 Wings
Fresh breaded and deep-fried. Sauce choices: buffalo, spicy BBQ, honey BBQ, garlic parmesan. Rubs: cajun, chilli lemon, lemon pepper, spicy old bay.

$11 Club Burger
Half pound, hand-formed Angus beef grilled to order and topped with melted colby jack cheese, served with jalapeno mayo, bacon, lettuce tomato on a sesame seed bun.

$11 Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Fresh grilled chicken breast, topped with melted cheddar cheese and bacon, served with tomatto on a grilled Maui onion roll with barbeque mayo.

$11 Slider Basket
3 of our delicious slider burgers, served with a generous side of fries.

$10 Fish & Chips
House beer-battered cod filets served with tartar sauce and fries.

$13 Steak and Shrinmp
6oz sirloin steak, grilled to order, served with golden, deep-fried shrimp and seasoned baby red potatoes.

Salads & Light Cuisine

$5 House Salad
Leafy romaoine lettuce mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers and colby jack cheese Choice of buttermilk ranch, spicy ranchm, blue cheese, italian or raspberry vinaigrette And Chicken $2

$9 Chicken & Rice
Fresh grilled chicken breast served with white rice, sliced avocado and a side of teriyaki sauce


$10 Breakfast Wrap
Scrambled eggs with cheese and choice of bacon or ham, wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with fries.

$10 Spicy Chicken Ranch Wrap
Leafy romaine tossed in spicy buttermilk ranch dressing with grilled chicken, bacon, avacado, cheese and fresh cilantro wrapped in a flour tortilla and served with fries.

$9 Chicken Quesadilla
Stuffed with grilled chicken, colby jack cheese and scallions served with homemade salsa and sour cream. Substitute Steak $2

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